Wellington showcase event. Nov 16, 2016

An opportunity for those in Wellington have a play on a Deluge with a short performance by Ian and run through of its features by Rohan.

Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1829055297353738/


Deluge launch event. Oct 22, 2016

The Deluge is a revolutionary instrument: a portable, combination synthesizer, sequencer and sampler that does everything you need for the creation and performance of electronic music without the need of a computer.

The Deluge has been designed from the ground up without influence from any other hardware device to present a totally unique, intuitive and simple interface – one that a user can immediately begin creating amazing pieces of music.

So confident are we in the ability for new users to master the Deluge quickly, we are hosting a very unique launch event.

On Oct 22nd at the Golden Dawn, twenty participants from all walks of life in the music industry will perform on the Deluge each for four minutes. Each participant will be given just two hours to watch our tutorial videos and write a song which they must then perform that night at the venue.

Some have never written a song before. Some have never performed live before. None have seen a Deluge before.

Synthstrom Audible presents Deluge launch party
Golden Dawn, Auckland
9pm. Oct 22nd, 2016

Four minute performances by:

Kiran Dass, Jeremy Toy, Savina Kim, Jose Barbosa, Matthew Crawley, Mikee Tucker, Lydia Jenkin, Spike Keith, Karl Steven, Anji Sami, Annabel Liddel, John Ropiha, Ayisha Jaffer, Reuben Winter, Thanaa Majeed, Madison Eve, Suren Unka, Nathan Ward, Pearl McGlashan and more.

*Full disclosure :) three of the participants have seen an older model Deluge before, they will each receive slightly less training time.